Publications: By James Croak

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Review of Whitney Biennial

March, 2017.

James Croak reviews the Whitney Biennial for Hamptons Art Hub

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Review of the Armory Show

  March 2017

"The Shrill is Gone", a review of The Armory Show by James Croak regarding the style change.


"Know This"

An essay by James Croak is included in a new book entitled “Know This “ published by  Other contributing authors are Jared Diamond,  Steven Pinker, and Alison Gopnik among others.


"This Will Make You Smarter" (Spanish Edition)

December 2016

Spanish Language edition "This Will Make You Smarter" (Este libro le hará más inteligente), by John Brockman with a contributing essay by James Croak entitled “Bricoleur.”


"The Habit"

October, 2016

Woongjin Knowledge House publishes "The Habit",  (In Korean)  with an essay by James Croak.


"The Guru Challenge"

Summer, 2014.

 Woongjin Knowledge House publishes "The Guru Challenge", (In Korean) with essay by James Croak.